Katoen Natie

Katoen Natie has ordered another 50 chassis, all of which are once again fitted with the Quick-Locks. Now Katoen Natie has more than 100 chassis fitted with Quick-Locks.


Since a few years we have owned 5 Broshuis chassis fitted with Quick-Locks. We are very happy with these locks. They are a great deal faster, as well as being safe and requiring little maintenance.


We have tested the Quick-Locks extensively and have found them to be a great deal faster than the conventional twist locks. In addition, the system is durable and safe.


Our experience shows that Quick-Lock is a great way of locking the chassis. Thanks to the simplicity of use, it gives drivers a great sense of security while driving.

Wauters Tanktransport

One year ago we bought ten chassis fitted with Quick-Locks. Now we are buying another 10, also fitted with Quick-Locks. It is fast and increases the comfort of the drivers.

Paul Günther Rental BV

Paul Günther Rental BV bought 15 D-TEC Euroflex trailers, resolutely opting to fit all of them with Container Quick-Locks.

Willi Betz

After 6 months of intense testing of the Quick Lock, we are convinced this system offers safer locking than traditional twist locks. Additionally, it is faster and more comfortable for the drivers.

Jiannis Trailer Service B.V.

We have used the new Container Quick-Locks on about 5 chassis for the past 3 years. But what I also find particularly interesting about the locks is that they are very sturdy and require very little maintenance.
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